Art and Passion

The relationship between cannabis and art

Even though cannabis has been used medicinally for centuries, it wasn’t until the 19th century when artists began to use it to expand their mind. Creativity processes vary depending on the individual, but it’s true that some people are capable of seeing beauty and art where others see a simple object or empty wall.

In order to find their muse, many have turned to cannabis, as well as its other compounds such as terpenes, which have the capacity to reduce anxiety, increase concentration and focus, an relax the body.


Terpene Profiles determine the sativa or indica effect

Nowadays, thanks to reent advances in science, we know that energetic and sedating effects produced by cannabis, known as sativa or indica, are actually determined by the terpene profile in each strain. This is why, depending on the aromatic composition alongside cannabinoids, the effect produced bye ach strain varies; more brainy and clear, creative, social, or maybe more sedative and relaxing. There is an endless amount of possibilities, and deciphering them has become our masterpiece.

Many different types of art and disciplines are related, for example, we know that music and maths are incredibly linked, and there is geometry hidden in plants, and each plant has its own unique aromatic composition. Being capable of deciphering and replicating that composition has turned into our “art”, and if our creations (terpene profiles) can help others find their place, find their muse, we’re satisfied. We’ve eliminated all psychoactive factors such as THC from the mix, making sure that our terpene profiles don’t muddle the mind in any way.


Looking for inspiration

Someone once said that capturing magic during the creative process is like catching lightning in a bottle. We think that there’s a certain terpene profile for each and every mood – the power of nature, terpenes, can help us fin the perfect mood to let creativity flow.

We’re not the only ones that think so; we’ve met different artists over the years with which we share the same beliefs, collaborating in different ways. Our large family is actually an artistic network that shares knowledge and experience; the fuel we need to keep creating unique, amazing aromas and surprising the world.


Dante Arcade, life is color and flavor

We love the originality of this Artist from Murcia's style, currently living in Barcelona. Dante works on street art and mural art and you can easily see the 90's influence in his work (US comics, memphis style...). Vaping helps him to relax achieve the calm he needs in his mind to allow the designs to flow.

El Doc, Passion Keeps me Going

Tattoo artists, illustrator, graffiti artists, this artist known as el doc came to Europe from Argentina years ago, where he started working on two of his passions; art and cannabis; this artist designs characters related to cannabis in his art, personalizing them for different brands. We love how original his work is and how he's able to mix so many different concepts in a way that flows so well.

Gallino Art, Dreams Come True

This artist from Uruguay believes in something similar to us - limits to not exist, and dreams are always achievable. He never believed that his art would become what it is now - authentic works of art that decorate entire buildings with realistic images that simply take your breath away. Have you ever wondered who's behind these amazing super realistic art works? Well, here you have it.